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Ultra Violet the Pantone Color of the Year

If you are not super into fashion or things like that you probably do not know that each year a company called Pantone comes out with the color of the year. They look at things like trends and what colors we are starting to see pop up in our daily lives. They also take into account the different things going on globally and throughout the world.


This Years Color: Ultra Violet

You are going to start seeing this color pop up just about every where. From clothing and makeup to household items and cars. The color is being used to help symbolize hope and an uplifting message.

The color purple has a long history of being known as the color of royalty. It used to be a very intensive color to make so one had to be rich in order to afford it. Not only is the color known for royalty. It is also used in some cultures for mourning. Other cultures use the color for a warning. While others use it to stand out amongst the crowd.

Personally I love the color. I have always love the color purple and I am so happy this this color has been chosen for this year. In fact my entire childhood bedroom up until the time I moved out was two different shades of purple. I am happy that this color is meant to inspire hope which is something that I think we all desperately need on some level.

I am also really excited about the new makeup and clothing that I keep seeing in this color. It is something that I have not seen in a while and a color that is really just unexpected. It is the perfect color for 2018!

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